Saturday, June 13, 2009


In July 2007, CNN posted a terrorist video of a dying American GI on its website followed by its broadcast on TV.
In spite of all the pleas of a devastated family and a public outrage, the video remained playing on their website for months…
CNN and many pundits in media had no problem showing a terrorist propaganda and went so far as simply ignoring the pain of people whose son sacrificed his life for their freedom of expression.
This outrageous action had eventually no consequences for CNN and although it exposed for many the viciousness of liberal media, CNN managed to make its point while hurting already tragedy stricken family.

This raised series of very alarming questions.
How far can the leftist media go to push its agenda? Can the human factor be neglected and disrespected in an attempt to make a point? How can media be held accountable for its irresponsible actions and mass manipulation?

The goal and the passion of our movie is to expose and confront the media’s war on military in a powerful and artistic way. It is here when Father of the Son is not just a movie about media’s manipulations but a passionate and artistic challenge; it is a movement of passion and a voice for many who are deprived of it by the mainstream. It is the vindication for the real family and all those military families who were hurt by the very people for whom they sacrificed.

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