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As we all know mainstream American media has long been under a one party control and now with ABC broadcasting right from the White House to push this one party agenda, the media manipulations are out in the open. This current administration has given billions of dollars to the MSM and Hollywood.
If we do not act now we will soon live in a monarchy of deception controlled by a media-government machine.

Our Military is one of the MSM’s first and utmost targets because our Military defends our Constitution and not a party. For decades our serving men and women were constantly harassed by self-righteous journalists who built careers by denigrating their sacrifice.
This is why now more than ever we need movies that will expose news and mass media’s agenda and corruption.

"FATHER OF THE SON" is a movie that will show how our military and society in large can be affected by a manipulative and agenda driven media.

In July 2007, CNN posted a terrorist video of a dying American GI on its website followed by its broadcast on TV.
In spite of all the pleas of a devastated family and a public outrage, the video remained playing on their website for months…
CNN and many pundits in media had no problem showing terrorist propaganda and went so far as simply ignoring the pain of people whose son sacrificed his life for their freedom of expression.

Based on these true and horrific events “FATHER OF THE SON” expands on questions such as- How far can the leftist media go to push its agenda? Can the human factor be neglected and disrespected in an attempt to make a point? How can media be held accountable for its irresponsible actions and mass manipulation?

“FATHER OF THE SON” is not just a movie about media’s manipulations but a passionate and artistic challenge; it is a movement of passion and a voice for many who are deprived of it by the mainstream media.

We aim to fund “FATHER OF THE SON” entirely from individuals and groups who care about the subject and who want to see the issues discussed in the movie hit the mainstream consciousness.

We as filmmakers see the American people as the only reporters of truth. By using the Internet as our ‘studios’, by helping each other to get our messages out in the open we can counter and stop the highly organized deception.

If you feel passionate about the issues and the message, help us by investing, donating and spreading the word about this movie.
You can donate on our website or by mailing checks to the address below. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help us deliver the message to the public. One dollar given by one million good Americans who want the truth will not only give this movie a built in base for distribution but will show to the ‘power elite’ that WE are not silent anymore.

If you are interested in investing you may inquire at info @ for more details and a business plan.

If you cannot support our project monetarily show your support by becoming our friend: become a follower on the site, exchange links with us if you have a website or a blog, let your friends know about us.
We need your help to make this movie a reality.

Our military must be honored on screen. And the injustices committed against our serving men and women must be answered promptly.

We Thank you sincerely for your support.
You can make it happen!

Jeani DiCarlo and Yervand Kochar
Producers, RebelLight Media

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