Saturday, June 13, 2009


Media Corruption and Manipulations

It is no secret anymore that media, including news media, is bias and at numerous occasions has crossed ethical and professional boundaries of conduct. Yet, almost all of these violations of democratic process went unnoticed and unaccountable.
FATHER OF THE SON will expose these manipulations in a forceful and truthful way. It will make people think over this issue in a highly emotional way and relate to a family and by
extent to a society that is being hurt by the propagandists in media.

Military Families and Coping with Loss

Military families coping with the loss of their sons and daughters is one of the most underrepresented groups on screen and culture. With very rare exceptions media and movies focus on military families only when they need to use their grief for their political agenda, such as in the case of Cindy Sheean or when they are depicted as putting down the current war effort such as ‘Born on the 4th of July’ and ‘Coming Home’.
FATHER OF THE SON pays full hearted and honest tribute to great families that carry the burden of sadness for all of us. It also will show the fortitude and intelligence of families who produce heroes and cope with their loss.

Vietnam Veterans Rehabilitation

One of the most despicable injustices of American history was the way that the anti-war generation treated the Vietnam Veterans. While there are shelves full of movies that depict the US military committing atrocities in Vietnam there is not a single movie depicting atrocities committed by the whole generation that runs many important positions in society today toward the soldiers returning home. While there are many movies that show how the war affects its participants there are hardly any movies that show the pain and moral trauma that the veterans were subjected to by their own fellow Americans who stabbed them in the back. FATHER OF THE SON shows the pain of a silenced soldier and exposes the hypocrisy and corruption of those who committed this unpunished crime.

The Leftist Academia’s Influence on Media

Most of the devout propagandists in the media today are the former students and a product of indoctrination by leftist and outright Marxist professors that still thrive in the American universities. FATHER OF THE SON shows this unholy alliance and the forging of the ideology that eventually poisons the honest media communication.

Militant Atheism as a Driving Force in Media

The anti-Christian bias in media is apparent and dangerously cynical.
FATHER OF THE SON explores the origins of this hatred and finds it in deep rooted militant atheism that permeates minds and attitudes in current media and entertainment industry.

Digital Revolution in Media and its Impact on Society

Digital revolution not only changed the technological foundation of media but also its mode of operation and philosophy. Digital technology gave a mobility and immediacy to information flow and with this “unconscious high speed” it eliminated the necessary time to digest and evaluate information. Information stopped being processed into knowledge and understanding and became a shock value enterprise that is in constant need of new information to maintain public attention. This strife for new and edgy brought a new dimension of irresponsibility and inhumanity to the media and this aspect is strongly examined in our movie.

Spiritual Aspect of Generational Sacrifice

Family values are often ridiculed in media as something self-righteous and fabricated. Family as an institution is under constant attack from all sides, be it popular culture or political activism. There is an utter lack of confidence in a family; it is viewed solely in terms of convention and mere social contract. Yet, nothing defeats this anti-family philosophy more than a sacrifice of one family member for another. It is through this ultimate step that we intend to demonstrate the power of love that molds people into a union of caring individuals – the real family.

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